Yossi was born in 1966, when he was 8 years old Yossi asked his mother to buy him a drawing pad and started painting, paintings which he then shared with and distributed to uncles and neighbors. Yossi enjoyed painting, but he felt something was missing, the paintings lacked the 3rd dimension in which people and sculptures reside, and so Yossi had begun creating in this art form. In each of Yossi’s pieces he maintains a flowing but changing amorphous design, with attention and emphasis so that from every angle the piece is observed, a different and exciting world is revealed. This is the reason that every piece consists of a mosaic of worlds and colors that harmoniously connect to a perfect 3D artwork.

Yossi’s goal is that every time you look at a piece you will discover something new that you have yet to have seen. The complex and fascinating challenge is to rethink and generate a new language that has not yet been invented, because after all, the fun is to try and reinvent the wheel that exists in the sculpture world.

Yossi invites you to his magical and colorful world, a world of innovation in design that is ahead of its time.