Bronze Candelabra

Botany collection It is a great joy to bring a bouquet of flowers to the person we love, full of good energy, rich in vibrant colors and puts a smile on your face. The botany collection was inspired by dozens of botanical gardens that are a true pleasure to visit. for me, a visit to a botanical garden is a visit to a heaven where dreams come true and reality becomes a magical moment. In the botany collection, it was important for me to create a bronze sculpture and to breathe life into it, to create a useful art that will serve as a centrepiece in the house and create a joyous atmosphere rich in colors and natural shapes. It is important to me that the beholder of the art piece will want to interact with it, to touch it, and that a dialogue will be initiated between the art and the observer. This series is available for personal order and comes in a rich variety of colors. It can also be ordered in a verity branches of your choice.